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The Hallin family resided in the Kristinehamn, Sweden in the latter half the 19th century. Emanuel Andersson Hallin (b. 1834) came from Norra Fågelås, Skaraborgs län. His wife was Emma Karolina Sandelin (b. 1847) who came from Gillberga, Värmland län. Their daughters Maja Aurora and Edla Jeannette Sandelin emigrated to Woburn, Massachusetts around 1890. Edla Jeannette Sandelin married Iver Paulsen from Tved, Thisted County, Denmark.


The Sandelin family resided in Gillberga, Värmland läns, Sweden in the middle of the 19th century. Sandelin is the adopted surname of Johannes Olofsson. Presumably Sandelin is the 'soldier' surname for Johannes Sandelin. While Johannes Olofsson was born at Gillberga, his father's family was from neighbouring Långserud. The family at Långserud was there in the 17th century and probably earlier.


The Semon / Simon family originated in Visingsö, Jönköpings län, Sweden. The family appears to stem from Jonas Petri Comaelius and his wife Maria Larsdotter Simoni Neuver who lived on the island of Visingsö in Lake Vättern.  The origins of Jonas Petri Comaelius are currently unknown, but the Gränna church records are very clear about his age at death which was 110 years.  Maria Larsdotter Simoni Neuver was the granddaughter of Simon Sadelmakere Tysk (Simon the German Saddlemaker) who apparently was associated with the well-known Brahe School on the island.

Simon Petrus Condeli, son of Jonas Petri Comaelius and Maria Larsdotter Simoni Neuver was the customs clerk (Tullskrivare) at Gränna, Jönköpings län, Sweden during the late 1720s and 1730s.  Descendants of his daughter Maja Stina (Maria Kristina) Simonsdotter Condeli (also Comeli) are found in Gränna and Skärstad, Jønkøpings län into the 19th century, Norra Fågelås, Skaraborgs län in the 19th century, and Woburn, Massachusetts and area in the 20th and 21st centuries.