Third Generation
Third Generation
Family of Johannes Svensson (2) & Catharina Andersdotter Hvarfving
3. Jonas Jonsson Uddrik (Johannes Svensson2, Sven Pehrsson1). Born in 1742 in Varv, Skaraborgs län, Sweden. Jonas died in Norra Fågelås, Skaraborgs län, Sweden. Occupation: Soldier.

Jonas Jonsson enlisted in the Swedish Army on 31 March 1767. He served in the Skaraborgs Regiment, Kåkind Company, Krumpekulla Division. Jonas Jonson was 175 cm (5 feet, 9 inches) tall. He was given the military surname Uddrik. He was initially discharged from the army on 22 June 1774 because he was "troubled by lung disease without any hope of getting well". Jonas Uddrik enlisted again on 26 January 1776 and discharged on 14 April 1789. He was discharged because he was at age 47 "old and unhealthy, with weak and redeyes". His charge stated that he served with a positive spirit. While in the army, he resided at a croft (farmstead) called Uddebo in Norra Fågelås. He had a full share to buildings called Uddebo and Landtbyn. According the Swedish Central Soldiers Register, the house no longer exists, but the barn and food cellar remained as late as December 2004. The croft was located directly south of the road to Lagahemmet between the entry to Hulan and Udde. (Centrala Soldatregistret: SK-00-0824-1767: Centrala Soldatregistret, Skövde, Sweden) In June 2006, a derelict barn and root cellar were still on the site.

On 18 Oct 1761 Jonas married Maria Svensdotter, daughter of Sven Håkansson & Maria Nilsdotter, in Norra Fågelås, Skaraborgs län, Sweden.1 Born on 9 Jan 1739 in Norra Fågelås, Skaraborgs län, Sweden.1 Maria was baptized in Norra Fågelås, Skaraborgs län, Sweden, on 10 Jan 1739.1 Maria died in Norra Fågelås, Skaraborgs län, Sweden, on 7 Aug 1788; she was 49.1 Buried on 11 Aug 1788.

They had the following children:
Christina (1768-)
Sven (1770-1839)
Britta (1776-)
Maria (1780-)
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