First Generation
First Generation
1. Simon Sadelmakere Tysk. Born bef 1600 in German States. Simon died in Visingsö, Jönköpings län, Sweden, aft 1635; he was 35.

Simon Sadelmakare Tysk and his family resided at village of Tunnerstad on Visingsö. He name of his wife is currently unknown. Simon Sadelmakare Tysk was apparently from Germany. He was a saddler or saddle maker by trade. Her appears to have associated with the Braheskolan (Brahe School) that was founded on Visingsö in 1636 by Per Brahe, the Younger. Both of Simon Sadelmakare Tysk’s sons were among the first students at the school.
Andreas (1625-1695)
Lauentius Simoni (1631-1707)
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