Leaving Germany in 1751, the Hysons sailed on a two and a half month journey to Halifax, Nova Scotia. After an arduous two years in the recently established Halifax settlement, the Hysons received a Crown land grant of 30 acres in Lunenburg Township. Friedrich Heyson together with his wife Anna Catherina and three of their four children carved a farm out of the heavily forested landscape. For seven generations the Hyson family worked the land and learned to fish the oceans. Economic opportunities outside of Nova Scotia drew members of the Hyson family to Massachusetts, Maine and Ontario amongst other places. Many branches of the Hyson family still reside in Lunenburg County with yet more scattered throughout Atlantic Canada.

The Hysons of Hyson Point, circa 1923


Dr. Kenneth S. Paulsen has been researching his ancestors the Hysons, together with other Foreign Protestant families of Lunenburg County for more than 25 years. A portion of his Hyson research is available on line at his web site genealogy-paulsen.com

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